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What we do

Your building is actually a system composed of a shell, openings (such as windows and doors), lighting, water heater(s), etc..  We inspect and measure how the components work together to provide you with the environment you desire.  Our audit will 'rack and stack' suggestions to:

  1. Make your building more efficient.
  2. Improve behaviors relating to energy use.
  3. Create a more healthy, safe, comfortable, and sustainable environment.

One critical part of the system is the building shell.  By using a special fan and door assembly called a blower door, we measure how tight the building shell is.  Older, and poorly constructed homes often loose a significant amount of heating and cooling energy through leaks in the building shell.  We also use a thermal imaging camera, usually in concert with the blower door, to find hidden flaws. 

In Northern Louisiana, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ducts are often run through the attic.  We employ another computer-controlled fan called a Duct Blaster.  This device will measure how leaky the duct system is.  In the residential sector, this leakage averages 15% of the heating and cooling cost!

Review some of the links on this page to learn more about home energy audits and call us at (318) 390-4531 or (800) 939-5087 to have us help you Save Energy and Save Money.

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